Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Review

Samsung’s strategy with the Galaxy Y is simple. Bank in on the curiosity surrounding the Android phones by introducing an Android phone so cheap that people cannot say ‘No’. A little bit of compromise would have to be made here and there on the features, but it will serve its purpose – introducing Android to the bulk of cell phone users. It is a small introduction to the amazing world of Android smart phones for those people who haven’t had such features on a cell phone. And for its price, at around Rs. 7500, it is a quite impressive one.


Samsung has chosen simple over fancy in terms of design, and that is a plus. It is neat and simple. The phone is small, and runs the risk of falling out. The screen is only 3 inches, and hence is not for thick fingers. In terms of buttons, Samsung has gone with its tradition. One home button beneath the screen, a couple of touch buttons on either side. Even the other buttons on the sides have the same arrangement, with the volume rocker being on the left, lock and power key on the right and the 3.5mm jack and microUSB port on the top side.

Build Quality:

The phone is compact and on testing we saw that it could take in a bit of falling and crashing, which is very good. Samsung was aware of the small size of the phone, and the problems in holding it, and have gone for a snakeskin texture on the back, so that the grip is good, and it serves its purpose. The display is poor, at a resolution of 240x320p, and the display is neither very bright nor crisp. Samsung is usually spot-on with the touchscreen. The touchscreen is fine initially, but with time the responsiveness goes down. At a mere 97.5g of weight, it is very light on the hands.


Samsung has given a very decent performance with this phone. The 832Mhz processor is very good at handling the Android 2.3 Gingerbread interface and we face no problem as such with the navigation. This is also aided by a TouchWiz UI, so thats a plus. Since the main purpose of the phone is to introduce Android 2.3 to the people, the Google Play Store is just a click away and you can download cool apps to customize your phone. The 2 MP camera without LED flash isn’t worth a huge mention because it is absolutely ordinary and obsolete in the present circumstances. The talktime is average at 6 hours. The internal memory is 160 MB and Samsung has again saved a bit here. You can always use external cards though.


The timing of introduction of the phone is perfect, and it will find a number of curious people lining up to buy this one. The phone doesn’t disappoint either, and is pretty fine for its price. If you are on a tight budget, you can certainly consider this one. But this is not a phone for heavy usage, so beware if you have a tendency to keep using the phone for a number of tasks all day.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The Galaxy S3 is perhaps one of the most awaited smartphones in modern times. The Galaxy S3 is the third product of Samsung in the Galaxy S series. Its predecessors were Galaxy S and Galaxy S2, and it has some huge boots to fill. The expectations on this phone are humongous, and Samsung seeks to sort them out by coming with a single tagline, ‘Designed for Humans’. Oh well, let’s look closer and find out what exactly Samsung meant by that.


In the looks segment, as expected, Samsung Galaxy S3 looks and feels premium. The screen is massive, at 4.8 inches. The back cover is slightly glossy but feels premium. It is made up of brushed polycarbonate, and looks good. It is beautifully slim at 8.6mm and Samsung has continued its tradition of packing some awesome power into a slim and light phone. The space below the screen houses a physical button and two touch buttons. The lock button is on the right side, and the volume rocker on the left, which is very convenient. The edges are rounded as well, which gives it another few points in the looks segment.

Build Quality

Contrary to the trend of most cellphones going with a unibody design, the Samsung does have a replaceable battery cover which is a relief. The back cover feels tough, although it is light. The size of the phone makes you a bit cautious regarding any damage when it is in the pocket, but it seems tough enough to take a bit of knocking. At the same time, some more strength in the body would have helped.


In terms of performance, Samsung has packed in some great power into the phone. The phone comes loaded with a 1.4 Ghz Quad Core processor, and its performance is awe inspiring. It handles the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with ease, and is supported by a Mali 400 GPU as well. The RAM is 1 GB as well, so that’s quite a lineup on the performance front. The screen deserves a special applause. It is a Super AMOLED screen having a 720 x 1280p resolution with 16 million colours, and the richness, contrast and quality of the images is jaw dropping. The interface is pretty awesome, and Samsung has changed quite a bit of things, which might take getting used to, but are very convenient. One thing that deserves a special mention is S Voice, which allows you to voice control the phone. It has an intelligent software known as Smart Stay wherein it uses the front camera to look at your eyes, and the display doesn’t annoyingly switch off while you’re looking at the phone. It has superb media sharing capabilities as well. We could just go on and on with its features, but we’ve made it a point to only share the special ones. The 8 MP camera with LED flash is outstanding, and the pictures look good enough to eat. It’s that good. The internal memory is 64 GB and you can use external memory upto 64 GB. The battery backup is astonishingly high since it is powered by a 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery.


Overall, the phone has managed to continue the legacy of the Galaxy S series, and is yet another winner from Samsung. It is a premium phone, and not everybody can afford it. But those who afford it, wouldn’t be disappointed in the least bit.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

Samsung’s rise in the smartphone market in the past few years has been significant. When the people started looking at Androids and other such smartphones, Samsung took this opportunity with both hands and produced arguably the best lineage of smartphones ever, with the Samsung Galaxy series. It catered to the needs of all types of people – those who were willing to spend more for a lot of features or those who were willing to spend less for less features. The Galaxy S2 is for directed at people of the former category. It is a premium phone, and is a successor a legend of its times, the Galaxy S. Let’s have a closer look at find out what’s improved.


The Galaxy S2 is a piece of engineering marvel. The features look solid on paper, and its almost impossible to imagine that they could pack in all that power into a phone that is so amazingly slim, at 8.4mm and so light. In that aspect, Samsung has done a very good job. The design looks stylish and premium, and the phone is quite a looker. In terms of arrangement of buttons, Samsung has gone for its own accepted prototype, which we find very convenient. It has one central physical button and two touch buttons on both sides. The volume rocker is on the right, lock key on the left and the 3.5mm jack on the top.

Build Quality

The screen is huge at 4.3 inches and the design looks quite nice. Samsung has put in some nice and well placed curves so that it fits perfectly in the hand. It is very light, and the finish is premium. It looks like it can take a few knocks, but not too many.


The phone initially came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread preloaded, but it supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich as well. Upgrading is highly recommended, because even though Gingerbread is superb, ICS is simply a treat. The slim body packs in a superb 1.2 Ghz ARM Cortex Dual processor, which can easily handle both ICS and Gingerbread. The interface is outstanding, the 4.0 TouchWiz UI does make things even easier. The RAM is 1 GB, which gives it a lot of power to handle any sort of demanding app.

One more thing that really catches the eye is the screen. It is one of the best screens available in the market. The resolution is 800×480, and the Super AMOLED Plus screen is a treat to the eyes. The viewing angles are superb and colour quality is crisp and bright. As usual, Samsung’s revolutionary technology means you get great touch sensitivity, which is very pleasing. The camera is 8 MP as well, so you get a very good camera with the phone. It obviously has a LED flash, and a front camera as well. The front camera exceeds expectations.

The internal memory is 16 GB, which is again, very good. The talktime is pretty decent, and the phone easily makes it through the day.


The Galaxy S2 is a true premium phone. It gives you a lot of performance and features, and is a true smartphone experience. We expect it to stand up and deliver to the expectations that people had on it. If you are in the market looking for a phone that will give you the best smartphone experience, and you are not too bothered about the budget, then this is the way to go.

Galaxy Ace Review

In the last half decade or so, Samsung won a huge bit of the market share in the mobile phone market. The major reason for this was the Galaxy series, which provided superb features at very affordable rates and promises of good durability. The Galaxy Ace cannot be called a high end Galaxy series phone, because it is built for the masses. It is fairly cheap for a smartphone, but is one of the best selling phones it its segment.


With its angled body and metal chrome surrounding the screen, you’d be forgiven if you think that this is a cheaper version of the iPhone. The iPhone is certainly a nice piece of hardware, and this looks slick and smart. The screen is of normal size at 3.5 inches, and the resolution is average at 320×480 pixels. The buttons are very nicely placed, and feel good as well. There is a single home physical button beneath the screen surrounded by a couple of touch buttons. The right side houses the volume rocker. The 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB port are on the top, so it is convenient to use the headphones from the pocket. The lock and power key is on the right. It is fairly thin as well at 11.5mm.

Build Quality:

Samsung provides you two back covers, and the white one is unusable if you have a rough use, since it is glossy. The black one is much better, and is more resistant to scratches. The screen itself is gorilla glass, so it’s scratch resistant. The phone is compact, and the width is pretty good for a decent grip in the hand.


For the price, the phone packs quite a punch in its performance. The Android 3.2 Gingerbread OS is well supported by the 800Mhz processor and the TouchWiz interface is quite smooth. For more taxing apps, you have the Adreno Mali 200 GPU as well. The 158 MB RAM does not support too heavy apps, you would have to make a compromise there. As has been mentioned, the screen is not the best, and Samsung has saved a chunk of its money there. Samsung has also saved in the internal memory segment, offering a measly 158 MB. The photograph quality is good though, since it comes with a 5 MP camera and LED flash. The talktime is the same as other phones in its segment, at around 6 hours.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace immediately rose to legendary status, because of the features it offered for the price. But that was quite some time ago. The competition has turned on the heat for the Ace in the recent times, and it has been forced to slash down prices a bit. But it still continues to sell, perhaps not as much. Samsung needs an update there, and will probably do so in little time. One thing is certain though, it is tried and tested, and hence very reliable. For its price, you can go for it if you want to play safe. But with the rate technology is growing, there might be technically better products in this range.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

With different mobile phones being introduced in the market stores, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have trembled the attention of the mobile phone users recently. Galaxy Nexus is one of the best android mobile phone which runs Ice Cream Sandwich. Galaxy Nexus is noted for its super fast performance, sleek design, powerful data speed and Ice Cream Sandwich. However the camera in Galaxy Nexus is not that good and moreover the handset doesn’t facilitate an expandable memory slot. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the most sought after android mobile phone sold in the market outlet. Let us take a quick look about the design and applications of this android mobile phone:

Galaxy Nexus is designed with excellent hardware and it is noted for its fine looking appearance. The piano black bezel, glistening display and rasping flipside are some of the prominent elements of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The quality of this android smart phone remains top-notch than other mobile phones. The weight of this android mobile phone measures about 5.1 ounces and it is quite easy to carry. The design of Nexus remains subtle with the curve and hence remains handy to carry easily. People with small palm can hold this mobile phone easily however the design will look little huge to you. You cannot find any hardware keys over the grimace of the mobile phone however the home, search keys and touch sensitive back are contrived as soft keys over the display.

The Galaxy Nexus is designed with AMOLED display and the mobile phone has 1280 X 720 pixel display which is based on PenTile Pixel Structure. Galaxy Nexus is made out of subpixel density and hence the sharpness remains little low. Moreover, the accuracy of the color and quality remains little less in this Galaxy Nexus. This android smart phone is designed with 315 ppi that is slightly less than the iPhone 4/4S at 326 pixels per inch. The color in Nexus remains little yellowish particularly while viewing pictures and visiting websites having white background. If you are not with sharp eyes, you will not actually notice the pixel density downgrade.

If you are already aware about the Android Honeycomb in tablets then you will find much similar information about the Ice Cream Sandwich. Like the Honeycomb, the widgets present in the Ice Cream Sandwich are easily resizable in the home screen. Moreover you will find an app button to open the application which is quite similar like the android tablets. The on-screen app button will display the scrollable index of the running applications along with its thumbnail images. Navigating within the applications is not that fast, where the users will find it little slower when moving from one app to another.

Unlocking the mobile phone with your face is possible in Galaxy Nexus. You can flick the picture with the front facing camera and it further uses the facial recognition software to unlock the mobile phone. Though this feature is quite cool to use, it is not that safe to manipulate.


samsung galaxy s2

One of the most awaited android Smartphone from Samsung is the Galaxy S II. This mobile phone gave its first hit in Europe and it further moved to the outlets in United States. The cost of this mobile phone ranges about 200 USD and it is easily accessible in all the outlets. Here is a detailed review about this android Smartphone:


The design looks extremely thin and slim however it remains little large when compared to the older version of the Samsung phones. Epic Touch looks ultimately thin and measures about 5.1 x 2.7 x 0.38 inch. It gives a comfortable feel to hold it in your palm and also you will feel the soothing touch when carrying everywhere. Most of the Samsung mobile phones are noted for its plasticky look and this Epic Touch comes under this signifier. The footer portion of the mobile phone has the MHL port which is most commonly found in the higher end Smartphone. MHL means Mobile High Definition Link which is a 1080P High definition video along with digital audio interface. Besides this, it also supports some portable devices such as cameras, tablets with HDTVs.


The Epic Touch comes with 4.52 inch display and it remains a bit larger than European edition. The messages are readable yet you might find it complicated at times. The display looks brighter and the clarity remains sharp and crisp. The display could be viewed in any angles as it remains good while viewed at different angles. Whites remain little bluish shade but it not cleanly noticeable. As per the statements disclosed by the manufacturers, the Super AMOLED Display features 50% subpixels in addition when compared to the previous AMOLED displays that are seen on Mesmerize, Vibrant and Galaxy S mobile phones.

The Epic Touch comes with Android Gingerbread operating system with TouchWiz 4.0version. This version helps to users to enjoy additional features and enhanced application use. Instead of unlocking your mobile and further digging the menus to check the messages and missed calls, you can right away check the status with the help of new lock screen displays. The keyboard doesn’t remain an original Android, yet it holds back the multitouch key chording application. With this feature, you can easily correct the words with your voice while typing the messages. Most of the Samsung’s Galaxy S II Phones will be designed with six axis motion sensing which is empowered by the gyroscope and accelerometer. These two applications help greatly when playing games in your mobile phones.

The 8MP camera is a good feature that has to be appreciated in Epic Touch! Epic Touch lets you to flick amazing photographs while you are at outdoors and even at indoors. The only trouble is the color complaint, where the color seems to be little saturated while flicking images at indoors. The detailing of the images remained good where no pixelation and graininess. People who desire to enjoy android OS with an elegant Smartphone can right away choose Epic Touch 4G!

The marvel of Samsung and the iPhone competitor – Samsung Galaxy S3

When you consider buying anything else other than iPhone, at the same budget, with competitive features then only consider the marvel created by Samsung – the new Galaxy I9300 S3. This phone is the only available handset in the market which has true features to compete with the Apple handset giant iPhone 4s. There are lots of people out there in the consumer market who even think that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually much better than the iPhone 4s. As the tagline of the handset advertisement suggest, the phone is really designed for the humans, due to the integration of Artificial Intelligence.

General features and Build structure: Announced by Samsung in May 2012, the Samsung Galaxy I9300 S3 comes with a regional 4G data connectivity option. The phone weighs approximately 133 gm, and comes with touch sensitive controls with customized Samsung Touch whiz User interface. The overall usability of the phone including the weight, easy handling, and the looks make the handset an incredible device. The Samsung Galaxy I9300 S3 is pre built with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android ver. 4.0 operating system. Thus the combination of the sleek design, built quality and the faster latest version of Android makes the phone a true marvel gadget.

Display, sound, performance and memory: The Samsung Galaxy I9300 S3 has a Super AMOLED display type with capacitive touch screen which supports 16M colors. The display is truly excellent with 720 x 1280 pixels support, a 4.8 inches screen which supports 306 PPI pixels density. You will enjoy the sound quality produced by the headset provided with the smart phone as well as with the speakers integrated. The phone comes with Quad core 1.4 GHz processor of Cortex-A9 type. The chipset provided along with the phone is Exynos 4412 Quad type. The phone comes with 1 GB RAM and is supported with a micro SD card slot which supports up to 64 GB of expandable memory.

Battery and Camera features: The Samsung Galaxy I9300 S3 has an 8MP camera which supports 3264×2448 pixels, and has features like autofocus and LED flash. Other features which come along with the camera include Simultaneous HD video recording along with image, geo-tagging feature, special touch focus feature, and general features like face, smile detection along with image stabilization. The camera supports 1080p video recording at 30fps. There is a secondary camera of 1.9MP which has high image capturing quality too. The phone comes with a 2100 mAh battery which makes the phone really special. The complaints which we find with the general Android phones due to the battery drainage is absent in this handset.

Extra Features and conclusion: Since the phone comes with Artificial Intelligence, therefore it makes great use of the voice command input made available in the Android ver. 4.0 operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. If you have a good overall budget for buying a powerful handset then the Samsung Galaxy I9300 S3 is truly a great investment. Truly you will never regret having a Samsung Galaxy S3.       


Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 – Reliability and power duality

Nowadays many people prefer using two mobile numbers simultaneously. Thus they opt for handsets with dual sim card facility. This enables them to save space and money, rather than possessing two mobile handsets. But if this handset is a dual sim Android powered phone then the device becomes even more classy and attractive. Therefore for providing the power of dual sim handsets and reliability Samsung has launched the new Galaxy Ace Duos S6802.  This handset has both the power of Android and the reliability of Samsung combined all in one. Thus with passing time the popularity of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 has increased in the mid range Android handset market.

General features and built quality: The new Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 features 3G data connectivity which supports HSDPA 900 / 2100. The overall feel and the built quality is at par with the other mid range phones in the Android market, and feels good while in hands. The phone weights approximately around 122 gm and comes preinstalled with Android Gingerbread ver. 2.3 operating system. Due to the presence of the Samsung customized Touch Whiz user interface the overall performance is also good and the user interface looks fancy and performance oriented.

Display, Sound, Performance and Memory: The phone is supported with an 832 MHz processor which seems to be enough, along with 512 MB RAM, for the Android version installed in the phone. The performance of the slide operations o the screen is crisp and shows no delay. Slight delay might be noticed while using the browser or installed apps from the Google Android Market. The sound quality of the phone is above average too, and can compete with all the mid range Android handsets in the market. The phone comes with a 32 GB expandable micro SD card slot. The phone supports multi touch and has a TFT capacitive featured touch screen which supports 256K colors. The size of the screen is 3.5 inches and supports 320 x 480 pixels resolution, at 165 PPI pixels density. The overall quality of the display is also very good at this price range.

Camera and Battery: The phone comes with a 5MP camera which supports a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels, and has features like autofocus, special Geo-tagging, and the general smile detection feature. The camera has the power to record videos at the same resolution, at 30 FPS. There is no secondary camera featured in this phone. The phone comes with a standard 1300 mAh battery which seems to be powerful enough to handle the normal day to day operations along with slight multimedia and entertainment. But the absence of the secondary camera at this price range can be a small disadvantage for this handset.

Other features and conclusion: The overall features of the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 phone are quite attractive for the average users. For people who are not too keen on the Samsung brand name other competitive Android handsets are available in the market at the same range with slightly advanced features.     

Power packed Samsung Exhilarate i577 – for those who desire more

When we decide to buy a handset we generally tend to decide it either based on the features or based on the operating system in the modern handsets. In fact the price tag associated with the handset also matters and therefore we need to select a handset which is the combination of all these three factors. The Samsung Exhilarate i577 is one such Android device which is a combination of reliability, price, features as well as great usability factor. This handset has all the necessary features along with some additional attributes which makes it very special in the Android category of handsets.

Built quality and general characteristics: The new Samsung Exhilarate i577 is a 4G featured handset which weighs around 130 gm. The sleek and beautiful design of the handset makes it very easily compatible in between the palms. The phone is touch sensitive and comes with the customized Touch whiz user interface designed by Samsung to make the usability of the device even better. The phone supports 4G at LTE 700 MHz at the range of Class 17 or 1700 or 2100. The overall performance of the phone is good too when we consider it from a high end mobile device category.

Display, performance, sound and memory: The new Samsung Exhilarate i577 comes with a super AMOLED type capacitive touch screen which can support up to 16M colors. The 4inch screen supports 480 x 800 pixels resolution, featuring at 233 PPI pixels density. The overall display quality of the handset is truly majestic and attracts the people who love stunning display quality. The phone comes with a Dual core 1.2 GHz processor which is supported with 1 GB of RAM. This makes the performance of Android Gingerbread version of the operating system truly fast and classy in terms of sliding speed. The phone has a micro SD slot which allows the user to expand the external memory of the phone to 32 GB. The phone comes with a prebuilt 4 GB internal storage capacity. The sound of the phone is also very attractive and clear. People who love listening to music will surely love this device.

Camera and battery: The phone comes with a 5 MP camera which supports a resolution up to 2592х1944 pixels. The camera supports other features like autofocus, special Geo-tagging, and face detection etc… The rear camera can record videos at 720p too. The secondary camera provided in this handset is 1.3 MP and is capable enough for general requirements. The phone comes with a powerful 1750 mAh battery. This battery is strong enough to deal with the normal phone usage along with normal multimedia entertainment and other uses.

Conclusion: The new Samsung Exhilarate i577 truly competes with other Android handsets in this price category. Due to the inclusion of another secondary 1.3 MP camera the phone actually considered to be better than many other Android handsets in this category. The overall performance and features are truly exceptional and the user will enjoy using this reliable product.



Mid range Android sensation – the new Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500

When we decide to buy a new Android handset we either do some research about the various handsets available within the decided budget, or we just select a model recommended by the salesperson of the shop. In either case the new Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500 must not be overlooked. This handset was especially designed for those people who want to get performance benefits on their Android handset without investing too much. This handset has become very popular all across the world due to its performance benefits. The Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500 also offers other necessary features that are required in an Android smart phone.

Built quality and general features: Released in February 2012 the Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500 supports up to 3G data connectivity and weighs around 130 gm approximately. The overall built quality of the phone, based on the associated price tag, is average but better than other Samsung mid range phones. The design which Samsung has followed in Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500 is in fact used in case of other handsets like Galaxy Y series handsets too. The overall performance of the handset is very good and along with the sleek design, it is considered as an attractive phone at this price range.

Display, performance, sound and memory: The phone comes with an odd 3.65 inch screen, though based on the dimensions of the phone it actually looks great. The screen supports 320 x 480 pixels. The screen supports 158 PPI pixels density, and looks bright at this mid level category. The Samsung Galaxy Ace plus S7500 is supported with a Qualcomm Snapdragon type CPU running at 1 GHz speed. The CPU along with 512 MB of RAM is able to manage the speed of the preinstalled Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The sound quality of the phone is also brilliant overall. The phone comes with 32 GB expandable micro SD card slot and has 3 GB of internal storage. Thus overall the features are more than we can expect at this price range.

Camera and battery: The camera provided in this handset is of 5 MP which supports a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels and contains features like autofocus and LED flash. Other features included in this camera are Geo-tagging along with smile and face detection techniques. There is no secondary camera in this handset which can actually be expected at this price range. The phone has a standard 1300 mAh battery which is enough for the general users to use the phone regularly. In fact using some Android battery saving applications can help.

Conclusion: The overall features provided in this phone is really very attractive when we consider it from the mid price level Android devices in the market. Though some experts might have other views regarding the absence of a secondary camera and the battery power provided, but the fact remains that this handset belongs to the mid range Android category and hence we cannot expect too much. Overall this phone is a nice buy.